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Job Search for Blue Collar Workers

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

This is one of the first projects I did when I started out the App Kitchen. I got into a project group with Enactus to explore the possibility of having a mobile/ web application to help blue collar workers find jobs. The paper prototyping was done in 2014 and uploaded on POP app by Marvel in 2020 as part of my portfolio on this website.

The paper prototype concept uses a single application to allow blue collar job seekers to upload their work experience and employers to browse through candidates to look for jobs. The app was supposed to be designed in a manner easy for use for blue collar job seekers to have access to a wide variety of jobs.

From the main screen, users can choose to access the app either as an employer or a job seeker. The app then allows job seekers to input their work experience and skills, and employers to find job seekers with relevant skills needed to perform their work.

Some of the screenshots shown in the paper prototype
Screenshots of paper prototype

Flow map of mobile application giving an overview of how the task flow works as the user runs through the application.
Flow Map of mobile application

There were some discussions with student volunteers with Enactus, but the project did not take off in the end. It was stopped at the paper prototyping stage.

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